Placement Opportunities for APF Fellows

Currently, the National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) is APF’s primary partner in the placement of Fellows. NRSP and APF work together to determine placements based on availability, need, and qualifications. Previous placements have included:

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Naya Qadam Limbs project

Fellows assist the Naya Qadam Limbs Project, which helps provide artificial limbs to disabled persons free of cost. This program includes a mobile workshop that goes in different areas of Pakistan to provide limbs to community members that cannot access the project center.

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Southern punjab poverty alleviation project

Fellows work on the Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Project mission on fostering community mobilization, asset creation and training, and physical infrastructure measures.


Karobari Sarmaya Project

Fellows assist managers of this micro-equity initiative by offering business and technical support to apprentices working in different local businesses.


punjab education foundation

Fellows help Punjab Education Foundation leaders manage community schools through the New School Program.

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the wise program

Fellows work to improve NRSP’s Water, Immunization, Sanitation, and Education (WISE) program.


Marketing + Social Media program

Fellows spearhead the creation, design, coordination, and analysis of key social media campaigns. Fellows will disseminate NRSP’s key messages related to social mobilization and poverty reduction.